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Things We Do To Help Emily

Emily doesn’t have incontinence but has had a hard time getting outside fast enough to go potty. This resulted in accidents on the way to the driveway. When we got the stroller for her, it alleviated things greatly for all of us. Additionally, she has the Simple Solutions pants with a pad inside for accidents in the house.

She has one in pink and the other in purple. Of course, they have a ‘tail hole’ in them for tail-dogs. (On others, I’ve sewn a patch on them for Ginny, when she was going in the house occasionally and younger.) I may sew a “flower” on them to cover the hole as Emily said she gets embarrassed!

Emily is a little more tired than usual as we’ve been doing more walking with the lift so that she uses her front paws to walk and strengthen them more. She is going to get the cart next week but it will take her time to adjust to it like she did with the Doggy Ride coach for the trike. See my post on that here:

The suggestion from that company was to just let the dog go in it a few times while it was stationary. I’ll think we will try that first and follow the suggestions in the “Corgis on Wheels” book, too.  After that, we’ll let her try to walk in it.

We also did it that way with the canoe. We took Emily in it on land a couple of times while it was not moving to get her to sit still. She still loves it but can’t stand and look out much anymore. Emily enjoys that very much and with the life jacket, we can just pick her up and move her using the handle.

Just because a dog is disabled it doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy life. Just like humans, there’s always something interesting to do though the plans need to be revised at times.

Emily’s stroller

Emily's  Simple Solution pants-note the 'tail-hole'.

Emily’s Simple Solution pants-note the ‘tail-hole’.


Emily’s New Adventure

Emily is now disabled in her back end. The vet thinks it is a disk problem. Now are 2-a disabled human with a disabled dog, both having a similar problem. But this doesn’t mean the ‘end’ for her activity. She decided that she’d like a walker like mine! So when her ‘walker’ comes next week, we will talk and share about how we manage together…

This week we are strengthening her front muscles a bit more using the Outward Hound dog lift. I ordered this in August for her so that we could hold her up to potty better. Both Glenn and I have a problem bending over so it helps. By using this more often this week, we are forcing her to walk using only her front legs vs. her trying to wobble along then sit, wobble along, sit, etc.

The Outward Hound lift is large-sized so I sewed a tucking it to make it a medium, as they didn’t have her size at the other website where I purchased it. It is nicely made and at a reasonable cost of only $15.00-17.00.  There are 3 heavy-duty Velcro strips on the wrap with the handles enclosed in another wrap to hold her securely. The handles are long enough to walk her while lifting her rear.

Emily likes this and can go out better. She loves the outdoors so it helps her to get around for short distances. We also have the stroller to get down our garage ramp and walk her around the gardens here. Her favorite thing is just to be with me and these devices enable her to do that.


Welcome to Emily’s Blog!

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You are invited to see what Emily’s New Adventure is and how she is doing! Emily is now retired as a Hearing Ear Dog and disabled but now she starts a new job. Pls. follow Emily’s Blog to see.