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Emily is adjusting to her cart

Emily made some progress in the week since starting to use her cart. In this video from last week, she walks and sometimes uses her rear feet. She does not lift herself up with the front legs yet; however, Glenn says she is starting to walk more on her own without so much pulling her to keep her walking. With more use over time, we are hoping that her front leg muscles will be able to go more with just the lead guidance. Still it is much easier on us and her having the cart! We are really thrilled about her showing such hard work to want to get going.

More exercise is the goal so she stays healthy and able to still enjoy life. Here is the video  on YOUTUBE from last week:




Emily’s New Hot Wheels Came Today!

Here’s Emily in her new corgi cart!

Emily walked and rolled to her water but them lost her footing and slipped backwards and down. This is her first try.

Emily walked and rolled to her water but them lost her footing and slipped backwards and down. This is her first try.

We have to practice more tomorrow. NOw she is using her back feet a little, dragging them a little, walking, and lying down.

We’ve made a few adjustments for her to fit in the straps, etc. better. Bobbie at the Corgi Aid Cart Program made her comments and suggestions from looking at the pictures that I sent.  Very helpful!

She said that rolling backwards at first is normal. Emily did well though only in the cart a short time. She needs to practice more each day and then next week we’ll try her with putting her feet up in the straps. This way she walks only on her front feet.

Emily really doesn’t walk much at all and I guess she’ll be better off without walking a little but for now, it seems to help her adjust knowing that she has some control with the back feet.

Remember to get this book as everything needed is covered in it. Get 2- one for your vet as well!

corgis on wheels bookcorgis on wheels book2

Corgi Express Wagon

Emily napping in the Corgi Express Wagon.

Emily napping in the Corgi Express Wagon.

Well, I’m tired as Mom gave me a shower today. I didn’t get completely wet, just underneath. Mommy said I smelled from yesterday because Daddy didn’t hold me up or use the lifter and I got wet after  my potty. I can’t help it sometimes and just go when I have to.

Daddy washed my coach and pad outside and Mommy gave me a shower, blow-dry, and warm towels. mmmm….I feel better now and much cleaner. I’m worn out, though, so napping in the Corgi Express Wagon for a while.

Mommy got this when Corky was a puppy but he’s an active boy (even now at 12 years old) and wouldn’t stay in it for a ride. I love it and it’s long enough to really stretch out in.

I get a nice cover, too, that I like since last March when I shivered with pneumonia. Mommy is really careful about me getting chilled or wet since I was ill. Daddy covers me up when he brings me in here after a walk.

So much love  from Mommy and Daddy !