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Emily had a “Dog Day”

IMG_1451Her “Dog Day” was yesterday and she had us concerned.  Emily didn’t eat breakfast or drink water in the morning. She was lethargic and slept. About 1 PM, Glenn tried the ½ tablet of her Rimadyl pain medicine with a few kibble pieces and she did eat that but no water then either.

She did go in the cart for a walk and had normal movements but Emily continued to be this way and at dinner, 4 PM, didn’t eat or drink then.  About 6 PM, the kids get their snack after our dinner, usually fruit or veggie, and Emily had several pieces of apple. Glenn left the plate in front of her and she had eaten that when he returned. A ray of hope!

At first we were concerned and I was upset but Glenn said that about a month ago she also didn’t eat. Well, if I remember, that was only for one meal. I gave it a lot of thought and Sunday the weather here was atrocious. We had a massive rain storm come up from the Gulf of Mexico and heavy rain all day. I couldn’t do anything all day or use my arms. AHA! Emily must have been in severe pain which wore here out like it does to me.

Fortunately (?), I suffer from the same pain as she does so I got it. About 8 PM, we offered her the dry kibble again and Emily ate it all. Then she eat her cookie, peanut butter and the hidden Tramadol pain medicine, too. Finally, we got her to drink some water. After that she perked up more and was normal to the early AM and a third dose of pain medicine.

It really had us a little scared for she didn’t even respond to me touching her in the AM. If I recall, a couple of times before she had suffered this but not to the extent of no water and an all-day thing. Yes, sometimes the regular doses of pain medicine does not help even me in weather like we had yesterday.

By about 7 PM of so the storm moved north of us, which also helped. I just have to remember that when I feel this way, that Emily does, too. We didn’t have to call the vet this morning as all was well with her.

I thank God for answering our prayers and that Emily feels better today.


Emily’s Progress

Emily is not making much progress in the two-wheel cart. We are getting the front wheels shortly and hope that the use of four wheels helps more. She doesn’t lift herself to walk at all but will walk on her front feet and sometimes on her back feet, too. Glenn has to keep lifting up the front of the cart while pulling it to assist her.

This is difficult to do for him. Since we have the brick walk around most of the house, she is able to walk well but slow. Glenn shovels off the snow for Emily and me. I used my walker yesterday after he cleaned it and Emily followed my in her cart with Glenn. She likes to be outside with me and walk soo this gives her more of an incentive to do that.

At night, Emily is more tired and doesn’t want to walk much so he puts her back feet in the stirrups. We want her to get as much exercise as she can and the cart has proven great for that. I do see more walking with her front legs since we started. Glenn takes her out 5 times daily in her cart which is excellent.

Glenn takes care of walking each of the other 3 dogs here, too, as well as, me, his disabled wife. He gets a five-star award for that!!!!!

We all appreciate him and love him very much!

Emily in cart in back gardens in Nov 2013

Emily in cart in back gardens in Nov 2013

Brick walk in back after first shoveling at 3". The total here on Sun 12/09/13 was 6".  Storm came from the south with the original forecast for 1"-3".

Brick walk in back after first shoveling at 3″. The total here on Sun 12/09/13 was 6″. Storm came from the south with the original forecast for 1″-3″.