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Emily and Her 4-Wheeled Cart

Emily has had the 4 wheels on her car this month and likes it. She is doing well walking with the front feet as Glenn pulls it to help her.  This has made a difference to both her and us. Easier for both Glenn and Emily to take walks now, she appears to enjoy being outside 4-5 times a day. The wheels are rather small for rough terrain, such as the lawn areas, but fine for the brick walk.

Glenn put a series of mats over the pea gravel in the parking area to the start of the brick walk in back. He shoveled the snow each time so she had a good walk. Recently, Glenn trimmed and cleared the overhanging herbs from the path ways around the veggie plots. This gave Emily a longer area to walk rather than around the side and front of the house.

Even in the snow, he cleared the veggie pathways, too, just for her. How nice! She goes along at a slow pace and does not put her front legs out and make the cart stop, like using brakes. Emily did that with the 2-wheeled cart and just didn’t like going in that.

Yes it is still bitterly cold out here but Emily wears a coat over the cart when below 20 degrees. We’ve even had wind chills of below zero to -16 so far. The good news is that spring can’t be too far away! Then Emily will be thrilled to walk around the veggie gardens as the veggies start coming up. All the dogs like that and try to eat the veggies so I have to watch them.

Emily’s favorite herb and smell is lavender. I use lavender plants as a border around the gardens. She loves it so much that I ordered a small pillow filled with lavender flowers for her one year for her birthday. She has it on our bed, lays her head on it and sometimes likes to lick it. Lavender is calming to dogs.

Emily's cart with the front wheels.

Emily’s cart with the front wheels.