Emily is in Heaven Four Months Now

It is now easy some days. I think of her sometimes and cry. But the spans between those times are now greater. For Glenn also there are tears at times. We have many photos to see of Emily and that’s good. Many days that we look at them we can smile.
We’ve young Velvet to make us laugh and keep us company with Ginny and Corky. It’s very peaceful here. Thankfulness fills our hearts for these things. They are all happy and fairly healthy, with the older 2 having their arthritis.
Like with humans, the holidays bring back many memories of loved ones. This Christmas was nice but I had a sadness under it all with Emily gone. That also led to me thinking of my late parents… Times are different now.
So it is, that we move on in life. We can help others with our experiences but they alone have to make the choice at the end of their dog’s life. It’s a very personal decision and only they can do that. For us, we’ve made the right choice by letting God take back the life he gave Emily to Himself. But every person has their own beliefs.
As much as I want to comfort the other corgi owners who have lost theirs or are in the midst of making a choice, I can’t do very much now. I can provide a link to this blog but I cannot post to theirs or get into a big conversation about this yet. It is just too heart-wrenching still.
Glenn and I can talk about it to each other but not too much with other people. The hurt is still too raw and we don’t want to detail the end of her life. Still, it’s a new year and we are going on and will be able to discuss it perhaps later.
We will never forget Emily who latched onto our hearts for so many years.

"Where's Daddy?" Emily waited for Daddy to walk her in the cart. She loved it.

“Where’s Daddy?”
Emily waited for Daddy to walk her in the cart. She loved it.


5 thoughts on “Emily is in Heaven Four Months Now

  1. Christopher Kinney

    I miss my Pembroke Welsh Corgi so much too. Her name was Maggi. She crossed the rainbow bridge on December 6, 2013. She was 13 years, 4 and a half months old. It hurts to think about her sometimes. Because I miss her that much. But I do not want my memories of her to fade.

    1. thegardensofboxwoodmanor Post author

      I’m sorry that Maggie is not with you. She’s in Heaven and waiting for you to be called home. I know Emily is there. It’s been 7 months now and I’m beginning to have more good memories and less bad ones. We had 4 good pictures of Emily made into canvas when Cafe Press had a sale before Christmas. They are together on the wall near where I groom the corgis. I smile at them and the fun times.

  2. Christopher Kinney

    Thank you so much! The last two years were kind of tough for Maggi. She was diagnosed with diabetes in September of 2011. We gave Maggi insulin shots twice a day, in the morning and at night after she ate each time. By August of 2012, Maggi was starting to lose her hearing. And by January 2013 she developed cataracts because of the diabetes. But she could still move around, so long as we didn’t move anything. It wasn’t until early August 2013 that I noticed that she had a difficult time walking up the steps to the deck outside. By middle of September I had to carry Maggi up the steps from the basement. She could still get down steps, but couldn’t get up them. We knew the inevitable was only a couple months away.

    Your Corgi Emily was very special! I really miss Maggi so much. It has gotten a little better in the last year and a half, but there is still that void. I enjoy thinking about her and how much Maggi cared about our family. Just like your Corgi Emily.

    1. thegardensofboxwoodmanor Post author

      There will always be a void from our losses because they are not with us. Over time, though, it seems that the losses are memories that we can think about like you’re doing. When taking care of a corgi like we’ve had, who was ill, that’s a little harder to dwell on. We had to lift Emily the last year and use a cart to walk her.
      In a sense, grief began the summer of 2013 for me. It was additionally a loss of her as my service dog. While I shed tears now, it’s not daily but like yesterday as her May 23rd birthday approaches. I wrote about her new arch in her garden recently-See the posts listed above.
      You have Maggie’s good times to think about like I have with Emily and these help us heal.
      God does understand and gives us comfort.
      I’ll email you with some corgi info links.


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