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Emily, It’s been a year now…

We still miss Emily as much as when she left us on August 27, 2014; we always will miss her as she was such a great part of our lives. I can’t relive those days and hours in my mind as it’s so very sad. Now it is remembering without the details to make it more bearable.

Yet, there are still times of tears and deep sorrow. Anniversaries are always very sad for my late parents, now for Emily, too. I miss them all so much and wish I could go back in time just for a moment. Looking at Emily’s pictures and videos is easier now as I just think of the moment they were taken and not that she is missing.

I will never “get over” her loss and will hold her in my heart always. Many people never get another dog after losing a dear one or they never get that breed again. That makes things much worse, I think. God gave us Velvet to help us heal and she has. She’s been here 11 months already and we can cope with Emily’s memories better due to her.

We have learned to thank God for his foresight and gifts in Velvet coming here to be with us now and forever. Emily was a most beautiful girl in every way; Velvet is also in her ways very beautiful, too.

When we all meet again in Heaven, we will then have much to tell each other.



Almost a Year…


August 27, 2014 was the day that my beloved Emily went to Heaven. I still miss her and cry sometimes but I know I’ll see her again. When I think about the last weeks and days, though, it’s still tough. God carried me through and answered all my earnest prayers.

He held her and carried her home. He created all things beautifully and perfectly. God gave our dogs each their own personalities. Isn’t that something? When one goes to Heaven, the others left know and understand when they are allowed to say good-bye.

Corky, Emily’s son, came to her, sniffed her, and bid farewell. He missed her for a while but never searched for her because he knew. They remember, too. I one doesn’t get to do this, they may go into a deep-grief and not eat. They search for the missing dog.

David’s corgi, Cuddles, knows where Charlie is. Charlie passed away a few days before Emily. Yet some month later, David found Cuddles at Charlie’s grave. This is a very toughing photo and bring tears to my eyes. Yet God makes sure Cuddles is comforted also. He has everything in control.

Sometimes I talk to Corky about Emily and he understands. God gave him Velvet, whom he adores, to comfort him as he ages. It’s amazing.

We all miss Emily so much but we’ll see her again soon.

David's Cuddles at charlie's grave in June 2015.

David’s Cuddles at charlie’s grave in June 2015.

Sweet Memories of Emily

Sweet Memories of Emily