Emily and Corky, Her Son

EMILY LOVE2016-09-6--09-32-35

We miss you, Emily!


Corky and Velvet-best friends!

CORKY'S 15TH Birthday Party  2016-08-21 04 37 57

Happy Birthday !

Corky was 15 years old on Aug.20th. We celebrated with a party and frozen, vanilla yogurt. Corky, Ginny, and Velvet enjoyed that on a hot day! We are very thankful that we still have Corky with us.

In April 2011, two weeks after my mother passed away, Corky had emergency surgery for a blockage. Then after they sent him home, we had to go right back and he had a second surgery for same area. He wouldn’t eat and I visited him and fed him there in the hospital.

Corky was in for 8 days and I brought up his mother, Emily, on Mother’s Day to bring him home. He was thrilled to see her! Corky was always close to her. He healed up well and we’ve be careful to watch him eat certain things.

A week before Emily passed away on Aug. 27, 2014, we had Corky’s 13th birthday party. Emily had her vanilla yogurt, too, but it was clear that she wouldn’t be with us much longer. When she passed away, Corky was the only one who went to her and said his goodbyes.

He mourned for her for several months, even after Velvet came to us 3 weeks later in Sept. 2014. I would say her name while talking and Corky would look up at me. We could tell that he was still working through his grief.

After Velvet came, it took Corky a while to adjust to her ways. He didn’t quite know what to do at times having been around Ginny. Corky expected Velvet to be like her, I guess, as he was hesitant to play with Velvet. Velvet is unlike Ginny in every way.

Ginny never liked anyone to play and can be snarky, nip Corky, etc. Velvet has a perfect temperament like Emily had. In fact, Velvet calms Corky the same way. She never bites, nips or gets mean to Corky. This took a long time for him to get used to.

Corky adjusted to where he lets her do things that he never let Ginny do. He lets her have the antlers, bones, toys, and even drops things so she gets to have them. Now, after nearly 2 years, they are best friends! For the first time in his life, he is very happy.

The two will lie next to each other and look out the door. Corky goes next to her and lies down, licks her ear or face. It’s really wonderful that he has happiness and peace. Now with the change in his pain medications this summer, he seems to have more strength and energy to play with her and Glenn with the tennis balls. The is no limping like before either.

Perhaps Emily can look down and smile at Corky and Velvet being happy. God sure knew what was best for Corky and us. Having Velvet here has made a great difference. Although we will always miss Emily, we know we’ll see her again in heaven and she’ll get to meet Velvet.


“Oh Boy! My favorite!” Emily, Aug. 20, 2014


1 thought on “Emily and Corky, Her Son

  1. JoAnne Kissler and Koa

    I have an aged service dog of 15 and 1/2 wonderful years. Koa is 13 pounds of mellow jack russel and chihuahua most likely, although an old DNA test said he had sheep dog lineage….maybe with long hair I could see him being part Sheltie, but it does not matter.
    I rescued him at 9 months from a heavy chain and a very cruel man in the neighborhood..I guess I stole him from abuse…anyway, we have been best of friends ever since.
    Your lovely blog and sweet and personal passing of Emily touched my heart, as I feel the very same way about taking care of Koa now that he is disabled with congestive heart failure.
    He has been my faithful service dog, and has helped me with all the challenges multiple sclerosis has put in my path, and most importantly my devoted companion.
    Now it is my turn to care for him in all the ways I can.
    We are still partners..nothing will change that.

    I am not sure I have enough strength to care for another service dog, but I have been thinking about a Corgi. So many people think Koa is part Corgi, because all the dark areas on his face have turned to white now, so the markings do reflect that resemblance. I was glad to read your
    opinion of getting a corgi at three years of age, and finding a retired show dog might be just the ticket when looking. I know,I do not have the physical activity level to start with a puppy.
    Reading about Emily has given me hope about having another service dog.

    God bless you and Emily,
    Perhaps we will all meet in heaven.
    JoAnne and Koa


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