Pembroke Welsh Corgi in art design heart

About Emily

Emily is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi aged 14 1/2 years. She’s Red-headed Tri with the red being a nice sable all the way to the skin. Her AKC Registered Name is “Southpaw Please Pick Me”, Call Name “Emily”.

She had her start with the late breeder in the show ring but never liked it. In 2002, at age 3 ½, Emily came to live with me when the breeder fell ill and was selling all of her dogs. I already had Emily’s son, Corky, and her daughter, Ginny, so I could not let that happen! Emily has a perfect temperament and I wanted her to train and start a different job.

I drove all the way to Southern VA on a Thanksgiving weekend and got stuck in 8-lanes of backed up traffic going down. Coming back, I got lost going up the Blue Ridge Pkwy. and didn’t get to Harrisonburg, VA motel until midnight. Nevertheless, Emily was patient and happy to ride with me. I gave her a warm bath as she had been in the kennel and we settled for the night.

On Tues. the following week I took her to the vet’s and found she had a severe allergy to flea bites and 2 ear infections. Luckily, I gave her the flea and tick medicine after the bath so that the fleas were not brought in the house here. Emily ha d to have not only the ear medicine but a bath daily for the severe allergic skin condition for 2 weeks. The following month she was spayed. Thus began her not-so-happy adventure here but she was really happy and appreciative.

Emily was trained as a Hearing Ear Dog for me over the course of the following year. She helped me so much and I depended on here greatly, especially in parking lots of shopping centers. She stopped me from walking behind a backing-up car and saved my life! Working for over 10 years, she was retired this year due to her own disability. This is where we are now and begin here blog here with Emily’s New Adventure!

You can read about Emily prior to 2013 on my website, as well as our 3 other dogs, etc.

You can find out about eh best organization that I ever found assist with medical expenses of Corgis and Corgi mixes here:

You can visit the great cart loan program that Corgi Aid Inc. has for all Corgis who are disabled, not just the Corgi rescues here:



3 thoughts on “About Emily

  1. writetowag

    Well, hello there!!!! Great to meet ya….14 1/2 years of love indeed….Trev is 13…Senior dogs are so special…Love knowing she is a therapy dog…What a bond you’ve made!!!! Hugs , woofs and wags!!!!


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