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Letting you all know that I am retiring from Blogging and reducing my online presence after so many years. I’ve met many wonderful friends and had great times.

Now that I’m 70, it’s been my plan to “retire” a second time (the first was in 2000 from my full-time position) from my part-time avocation then my business. Just want to enjoy the time I have on earth with no plans …

Auf Wiedersehen.

Sue J in NJ



The End of an Era…

We miss Emily, Corky, and Ginny very much and yet they’re in Heaven waiting for us. We can just imagine them all together again running free. The memories of these last 16 years with them are pleasant ones.

They’re all in the gardens here watching us work. It seems like summer again and they are here. We can smile at them running behind the house after the ball and walking with us all around the pathways.

While they are with us, we don’t think of the end. All of a sudden, the years add up. We’ll never forget you, our beloved companions, as you made our lives whole. We’ll see you again in Heaven!

Happy Birthday, Emily!

I still celebrate and remember Emily’s Birthday on May 22nd. She will be forever in my heart and mind. We have her picture throughout our home and think of her always. I asked Glenn once why we loved her so much. He said because she was special. That says it all.

While all the corgis are special, Emily was a very special girl who was calm and calmed the others, too. She eased their fears and they came by her; she calmed their fights and they stopped. Emily would watch and monitor a new rescue here while playing. She wouldn’t interfere unless she thought things were getting rough.

I left her alone and watched her work with amazement. There are a couple of short videos that I made of this once. When she passed away, a huge hole was left here as she was the alpha girl. No one can replace her ever. But God knew who we needed by then and what kind of girl we should have.

We rehomed Eskie and received Velvet the following month. Velvet and Corky are best friends. Velvet doesn’t order Corky around but stays by him, plays a little, and keeps him happy. Emily’s son, Corky, will be 15 in August. At this time of his life, he just needs love and companionship.

God knew that and sent Velvet here. We still feel most blessed that she came and are very thankful. Emily would have loved Velvet but will get to meet her in Heaven.

Emily, I miss you, always and forever.




Emily and Corky would always be together. They never fought. He was the only one to come by her, after she passed away, to say good bye. For months afterwards, I’d say that I missed Emily. Corky would perk up his head and look at me when I said her name.  I’d then tell him that she is in Heaven and we’ll see her again. He was happy with that.

Almost a Year…


August 27, 2014 was the day that my beloved Emily went to Heaven. I still miss her and cry sometimes but I know I’ll see her again. When I think about the last weeks and days, though, it’s still tough. God carried me through and answered all my earnest prayers.

He held her and carried her home. He created all things beautifully and perfectly. God gave our dogs each their own personalities. Isn’t that something? When one goes to Heaven, the others left know and understand when they are allowed to say good-bye.

Corky, Emily’s son, came to her, sniffed her, and bid farewell. He missed her for a while but never searched for her because he knew. They remember, too. I one doesn’t get to do this, they may go into a deep-grief and not eat. They search for the missing dog.

David’s corgi, Cuddles, knows where Charlie is. Charlie passed away a few days before Emily. Yet some month later, David found Cuddles at Charlie’s grave. This is a very toughing photo and bring tears to my eyes. Yet God makes sure Cuddles is comforted also. He has everything in control.

Sometimes I talk to Corky about Emily and he understands. God gave him Velvet, whom he adores, to comfort him as he ages. It’s amazing.

We all miss Emily so much but we’ll see her again soon.

David's Cuddles at charlie's grave in June 2015.

David’s Cuddles at charlie’s grave in June 2015.

Sweet Memories of Emily

Sweet Memories of Emily

Corgi Express Wagon

Emily napping in the Corgi Express Wagon.

Emily napping in the Corgi Express Wagon.

Well, I’m tired as Mom gave me a shower today. I didn’t get completely wet, just underneath. Mommy said I smelled from yesterday because Daddy didn’t hold me up or use the lifter and I got wet after  my potty. I can’t help it sometimes and just go when I have to.

Daddy washed my coach and pad outside and Mommy gave me a shower, blow-dry, and warm towels. mmmm….I feel better now and much cleaner. I’m worn out, though, so napping in the Corgi Express Wagon for a while.

Mommy got this when Corky was a puppy but he’s an active boy (even now at 12 years old) and wouldn’t stay in it for a ride. I love it and it’s long enough to really stretch out in.

I get a nice cover, too, that I like since last March when I shivered with pneumonia. Mommy is really careful about me getting chilled or wet since I was ill. Daddy covers me up when he brings me in here after a walk.

So much love  from Mommy and Daddy !