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Emily is Happy that Spring is here!

For a while there last month, I saw Emily just lethargic. I was very sad and cried for her. It was going on a few weeks but now she is back to her normal temperament. She’s wanted to get belly rubs by rolling onto her side and seems happier.

Not that we have increased her medicine dosage but just that the weather has improved. It still gets cold but we have had less snow and some warmer days interspersed. Today was cloudy but the temperature was high of 65 degrees. There was less wind, too.

Emily has even wanted to play at bedtime when I want to sleep. She pokes me in the face and wants me to scratch her under her chin and give her some belly rubs. It’s all good news. I thought she was going more downhill with her health but here it was the weather and cold making her miserable with arthritis. Don’t I know about that, too?

Now that spring has arrived, Emily is walking more and taking in the sunshine along with all of us.

Emily's stroller