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A New Era

IMG_3203 (2)This will always be called, “Emily the corgi” blog, no matter how many corgis come into our lives. Emily taught me everything I know about corgis. She taught me the love, training, and care. With each rescue and corgi that came here Emily knew had to handle it. I watched her as to how other corgis played and she left them alone unless she thought they were going to fight. I followed her example as much as I could, and it worked well. I’ll miss her forever…

Our first rescue was in December 2017. He was a corgi he boy, age 6, and at the shelter in the South Jersey. We thought he was pretty good, so we brought him home and try it out. Charley really was unsuitable for us and Velvet. After few days it was apparent that he was aggressive. He had guarding issues and no training.

This was a week before Christmas and two weeks after we sent Corky and Ginny home. It was very upsetting. We missed Corky and Ginny even more then. We decided to wait for God to bring another corgi to us.

After the end of January, Meco came to stay with us. She is nine years old and the same age as Velvet. Meco is a purebred red and white corgi girl and pedigreed. She is well -mannered and sweet. Velvet and Meco became fast friends. Velvet let her sleep in her bed, play with her toys, and try to get used to a new home.

She’s a very good match for our home and were very happy to have her. We’ve been taking her to the vet to catch up on all the shots, etc. On Tuesday she got rabies shot and yesterday was very tired all day. Today she’s her sweet self. I’ll let you know how things go.



Emily’s New Adventure

Emily is now disabled in her back end. The vet thinks it is a disk problem. Now are 2-a disabled human with a disabled dog, both having a similar problem. But this doesn’t mean the ‘end’ for her activity. She decided that she’d like a walker like mine! So when her ‘walker’ comes next week, we will talk and share about how we manage together…

This week we are strengthening her front muscles a bit more using the Outward Hound dog lift. I ordered this in August for her so that we could hold her up to potty better. Both Glenn and I have a problem bending over so it helps. By using this more often this week, we are forcing her to walk using only her front legs vs. her trying to wobble along then sit, wobble along, sit, etc.

The Outward Hound lift is large-sized so I sewed a tucking it to make it a medium, as they didn’t have her size at the other website where I purchased it. It is nicely made and at a reasonable cost of only $15.00-17.00.  There are 3 heavy-duty Velcro strips on the wrap with the handles enclosed in another wrap to hold her securely. The handles are long enough to walk her while lifting her rear.

Emily likes this and can go out better. She loves the outdoors so it helps her to get around for short distances. We also have the stroller to get down our garage ramp and walk her around the gardens here. Her favorite thing is just to be with me and these devices enable her to do that.


Welcome to Emily’s Blog!

Please read ABOUT EMILY as I work to  enhance this blog for here. Thx!

You can read more about here and our other 3 dogs here:IMG_1075-UDEL-UDBG FRIENDS PLANTS SALE-EMILY ENJOY VIEW092003-50PCT (2)

You are invited to see what Emily’s New Adventure is and how she is doing! Emily is now retired as a Hearing Ear Dog and disabled but now she starts a new job. Pls. follow Emily’s Blog to see.