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Corky and Ginny Went Home

IMG_3136 (2)

Ginny and Corky Nov.29, 2017 sleeping in the living room.

IMG_3150 (2)

Our first corgis, Merrymont Impression-Corky and Merrymont Virginia’s Beauty-Ginny went home to heaven on November 30, 2017. They were Emily’s boy and girl. Growing up together and now going home together, they lived long lives. Corky was 16 years in August and Ginny would have been 16 this coming March 2018.

Corky’s father was a Best of Breed in Va. and Ginny’s father was a Canadian Champion. We got Corky first from Emily’s second litter and the following year, Ginny came. Later, in Nov., Emily came when the breeder became ill.

Ginny was to be Corky’s companion as he barked a lot when we were working in the gardens. She did stop him from doing that but they acted like brothers and sisters in the human world most of the time. She had the thickest and most beautiful coat. Ginny became Daddy’s Princess. She was the best one to groom, do her ears, and teeth until the last year.

Corky loved us both, too, but idolized his Daddy. He followed him around everywhere. When you have furkids this long, their lives entwine yours in everything. As Glenn said last night, he sees Corky and Ginny everywhere. Then not to have a pack but only one, is tough. It’s now ‘the empty nest’ feeling.

Velvet came in August 2014 just 3 weeks after Emily went home. Corky was going through grief still and he became friends with Velvet. They loved each other very much. At night, they’d both be in the living room with Glenn. If she left the room, he would wake up and look for her. Velvet liked to sniff his back and there would be these little tuffs sticking up along Corky’s back. He would come next to Velvet and plop his yard-long frame on her front feet or next to her.

Velvet and Corky looked out the door all the time together. He even let her eat from his bowl and didn’t growl. If that was Ginny, there would be a fight. Ginny and Corky didn’t fight much, though, just growl and bare their teeth if one got in the other’s face.

Last week, Ginny and Corky kissed each other on the muzzle. That was warm to see now after they’ve mellowed. Glenn wanted them to go home together as they were both about the same condition health wise. At first, I thought that this would be a double whammy. Then I thought that Glenn is right as we’d have to take the other soon after.

Ginny didn’t really walk much and Corky lost a lot of weight these last 6 weeks. Ginny started skipping food recently and Corky started getting weaker a few days before he went home. We knew it was time. It will take time


Corky and Velvet-best friends!

for us to recover and Velvet to adjust.

Right now, it’s very, very sad but I know it will get better over time. I think Velvet fully thought that Corky was back home when we went out to eat on Nov. 30. She ran to the back of the house and looked for him. She’s still looking for Corky and not wanting to play with her toys much. Glenn put Corky’s cover from the living room on the sofa for Velvet to smell. She’s good with that.

We are praying for God to give her a best friend again. She’s a very good girl with a lovely temperament. I know Velvet will help mend the 2 holes in our heart because she mended mine when Emily went to heaven.



I had a Party Today!

Wow! Mommy and Daddy gave me a Birthday Party today! I am soooo tired!

First, Daddy took me to Petsmart for a pedicure, so that was a lot of walking in my cart, then I had a short nap at home. Mommy woke me up to put on my Purple Party dress.

“Mommy, Mr. Eskimo chewed my hair bow!”

“Emily, it doesn’t matter as God already gave you a white-fur bow on the back of your head.”

“Where’s Daddy?” Emily wants to know.

“He went to get something for your party.”

Well, guess what! Daddy brought home vanilla frozen yogurt from McDonald’s for us. He also got the chopped peanut bags, to put on it, too. Mmmmmmm….. good!

Thank you for the party! I think I really need another nap…

Emily's bow and white fur-bow.

Emily’s bow and white fur-bow.

"Where's Daddy?"

“Where’s Daddy?”

"Oh Boy! My favorite!"

“Oh Boy! My favorite!”

"I'm sooo tired..."

“I’m sooo tired…”

Emily’s New Hot Wheels Came Today!

Here’s Emily in her new corgi cart!

Emily walked and rolled to her water but them lost her footing and slipped backwards and down. This is her first try.

Emily walked and rolled to her water but them lost her footing and slipped backwards and down. This is her first try.

We have to practice more tomorrow. NOw she is using her back feet a little, dragging them a little, walking, and lying down.

We’ve made a few adjustments for her to fit in the straps, etc. better. Bobbie at the Corgi Aid Cart Program made her comments and suggestions from looking at the pictures that I sent.  Very helpful!

She said that rolling backwards at first is normal. Emily did well though only in the cart a short time. She needs to practice more each day and then next week we’ll try her with putting her feet up in the straps. This way she walks only on her front feet.

Emily really doesn’t walk much at all and I guess she’ll be better off without walking a little but for now, it seems to help her adjust knowing that she has some control with the back feet.

Remember to get this book as everything needed is covered in it. Get 2- one for your vet as well!

corgis on wheels bookcorgis on wheels book2

Things We Do To Help Emily

Emily doesn’t have incontinence but has had a hard time getting outside fast enough to go potty. This resulted in accidents on the way to the driveway. When we got the stroller for her, it alleviated things greatly for all of us. Additionally, she has the Simple Solutions pants with a pad inside for accidents in the house.

She has one in pink and the other in purple. Of course, they have a ‘tail hole’ in them for tail-dogs. (On others, I’ve sewn a patch on them for Ginny, when she was going in the house occasionally and younger.) I may sew a “flower” on them to cover the hole as Emily said she gets embarrassed!

Emily is a little more tired than usual as we’ve been doing more walking with the lift so that she uses her front paws to walk and strengthen them more. She is going to get the cart next week but it will take her time to adjust to it like she did with the Doggy Ride coach for the trike. See my post on that here:


The suggestion from that company was to just let the dog go in it a few times while it was stationary. I’ll think we will try that first and follow the suggestions in the “Corgis on Wheels” book, too.  After that, we’ll let her try to walk in it.

We also did it that way with the canoe. We took Emily in it on land a couple of times while it was not moving to get her to sit still. She still loves it but can’t stand and look out much anymore. Emily enjoys that very much and with the life jacket, we can just pick her up and move her using the handle.

Just because a dog is disabled it doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy life. Just like humans, there’s always something interesting to do though the plans need to be revised at times.

Emily’s stroller

Emily's  Simple Solution pants-note the 'tail-hole'.

Emily’s Simple Solution pants-note the ‘tail-hole’.