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Happy Birthday, Emily!

I still celebrate and remember Emily’s Birthday on May 22nd. She will be forever in my heart and mind. We have her picture throughout our home and think of her always. I asked Glenn once why we loved her so much. He said because she was special. That says it all.

While all the corgis are special, Emily was a very special girl who was calm and calmed the others, too. She eased their fears and they came by her; she calmed their fights and they stopped. Emily would watch and monitor a new rescue here while playing. She wouldn’t interfere unless she thought things were getting rough.

I left her alone and watched her work with amazement. There are a couple of short videos that I made of this once. When she passed away, a huge hole was left here as she was the alpha girl. No one can replace her ever. But God knew who we needed by then and what kind of girl we should have.

We rehomed Eskie and received Velvet the following month. Velvet and Corky are best friends. Velvet doesn’t order Corky around but stays by him, plays a little, and keeps him happy. Emily’s son, Corky, will be 15 in August. At this time of his life, he just needs love and companionship.

God knew that and sent Velvet here. We still feel most blessed that she came and are very thankful. Emily would have loved Velvet but will get to meet her in Heaven.

Emily, I miss you, always and forever.




Emily and Corky would always be together. They never fought. He was the only one to come by her, after she passed away, to say good bye. For months afterwards, I’d say that I missed Emily. Corky would perk up his head and look at me when I said her name.  I’d then tell him that she is in Heaven and we’ll see her again. He was happy with that.


I had a Party Today!

Wow! Mommy and Daddy gave me a Birthday Party today! I am soooo tired!

First, Daddy took me to Petsmart for a pedicure, so that was a lot of walking in my cart, then I had a short nap at home. Mommy woke me up to put on my Purple Party dress.

“Mommy, Mr. Eskimo chewed my hair bow!”

“Emily, it doesn’t matter as God already gave you a white-fur bow on the back of your head.”

“Where’s Daddy?” Emily wants to know.

“He went to get something for your party.”

Well, guess what! Daddy brought home vanilla frozen yogurt from McDonald’s for us. He also got the chopped peanut bags, to put on it, too. Mmmmmmm….. good!

Thank you for the party! I think I really need another nap…

Emily's bow and white fur-bow.

Emily’s bow and white fur-bow.

"Where's Daddy?"

“Where’s Daddy?”

"Oh Boy! My favorite!"

“Oh Boy! My favorite!”

"I'm sooo tired..."

“I’m sooo tired…”