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Corgi Express Wagon

Emily napping in the Corgi Express Wagon.

Emily napping in the Corgi Express Wagon.

Well, I’m tired as Mom gave me a shower today. I didn’t get completely wet, just underneath. Mommy said I smelled from yesterday because Daddy didn’t hold me up or use the lifter and I got wet after  my potty. I can’t help it sometimes and just go when I have to.

Daddy washed my coach and pad outside and Mommy gave me a shower, blow-dry, and warm towels. mmmm….I feel better now and much cleaner. I’m worn out, though, so napping in the Corgi Express Wagon for a while.

Mommy got this when Corky was a puppy but he’s an active boy (even now at 12 years old) and wouldn’t stay in it for a ride. I love it and it’s long enough to really stretch out in.

I get a nice cover, too, that I like since last March when I shivered with pneumonia. Mommy is really careful about me getting chilled or wet since I was ill. Daddy covers me up when he brings me in here after a walk.

So much love  from Mommy and Daddy !